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For Sale




Phil & Geri

A For Sale

Finally, the house is on the market!


B Outside Front 2 - Copy

       Our 1885 Dutch Colonial in Montville, New Jersey…For 43 years our first & only home!


C Outside RearVw - Copy

        A neat photo of the rear of the house…It gives you a feel for the 2,150 sq. ft. driveway that wraps around the house to the garage. – – Plus the terraced wall to the large grass area along the Morris Canal.


     Excuse us for living here for 43 years! We always said the funeral home can pick us up here! We raised our three boys in this house. And while the closet space is less than desirable and the basement is not a “finished basement,” we have been very comfortable with the living space. The yard is beautifully landscaped with greens and rock gardens, patio, and a large grass area. A challenging driveway pitched down off the road, wraps around the back of the house to the garage. We always said over the years that once the boys were grown and gone, we already lived in our “retirement condo.”

What we never factored in was our “age” and all the work the old house takes. We always do our own interior painting and decorating. And we do the landscaping and snow removal. It was time to hire some help or move on!

And so after a few years of prepping the house, the “For Sale” realtor’s sign went up four weeks ago. Here is the link to Zillow to take a look at what buyers view online. Any problem with the link, just type on Google, “Zillow,” and then on Zillow type in our address, 203 Main Road, Montville, NJ 07045. Again, here’s the link to Zillow:,-74.297963,40.867379,-74.457093_rect/12_zm/1_fr/?view=public has seen less posting in the past few months, but the house is ready for sale. All we need is a few buyers to take a look! It’s not a house for the average buyer. But if someone comes along looking for a house with a feel of history from built in corner hutches and French doors, fireplace and Franklin stove, etc., along the old Morris Canal with almost a half mile of woods and a brook behind our property, this is their house! Let’s see how it goes! Wish us luck! Just in case, we are out “shopping” for a condo or townhouse in our same neighborhood of Morris County, New Jersey.

Comments: Please!


  1. Phil you sure do have your house looking great I am sure it would stand up to the most rigorous military inspection. But the question remains what’s next for you and your wife in retirement. Where are you moving to and what kind of housing I am sure it must be pretty exciting or freighting after 43 years in the same house. Through our life my wife I were always ones who did our own home maintenance from gardening to painting as well a minor construction projects. We can still do those things but not as fast and efficient as we once did. Four years ago we purchased a cottage on a lake in Northern Michigan. But before we signed the purchase agreement we decided that this place would be low maintenance for us and that we would hire out the maintenance to locals. That arrangement has worked very well for us in trying to maintain two residences. I wish you well in your selling effort and future endeavors.

    • Bil Wonsik, Many thanks for all you said! We would need to hire help too to stay here!!! We are looking at condos & townhouses to purchase right here in neighboring town to Montville, in Morris County, NJ. Great to hear from you! Phil

  2. Hi Phil and Geri. Your house looks beautiful! So warm and inviting.
    What a big step for the two of you! This is the house you and Geri made
    into a home; where you created a beautiful family and life together.
    Where you laughed and went through life’s challenges. Yours was a house well loved. I’ll always remember the welcoming, positive energy walking up to and through your front door. …And your Pasta.

    Wishing you an easy transition.
    Sandra & Alvie

    • Sandra, & Alvie! Many thanks for the nice comments! Yes, we put a lot of work & love into the old house! And you are so right about the life we created here! Thanks! Yes, the pasta dinners!!! And you were here….We remember it so well!!! Thanks again,,,We are ready “to transition”!!! Love, Phil & Geri too

  3. What a beautiful house! Someone will fall in love with it.
    We went through a similar process, moving from a huge house in France to a small – and manageable – one in Costa Rica. We don’t regret the change and can look back on how much we enjoyed living there, while forgetting the never ending work to keep it shipshape.

    • Helen Devries, Thank you, Helen! We hope someone will love it & buy it! Wow! France to Costa Rica! Yes, it’s the hard work to keep things up that drives us out, right?! Many thanks as always! Phil

  4. It is a very beautiful home!! I hope you have great luck in selling it. It is even the type house I would love to have, but at my age, I wouldn’t be able to care for it as it should be.

    • GP Cox, And I was just recently going through one of my GP guilt trips not having visited your website in so long! Thanks for this & the nice reaction to our house! That’s it…It’s the hard work keeping it up…And then the surprise repairs that come up!!! Thanks so much GP!!! Phil

      • Never feel guilty, Phil. You have to deal with priorities first and foremost!!

    • GP Cox, Many thanks, my friend! Phil

  5. Hi you two!
    I wish you lots of luck in selling your home and starting a “new journey “ with a new condo!
    How exciting-

    • Margaret Krass, Marg, Many thanks for the good wishes & all the talk & encouragement over the months past!!! Love to you too! Phil & Geri

  6. Beautiful home with lots of memories in it & so much history. I read this super fast to make sure you weren’t leaving NJ if you’re house sold!! Thankful that your not considering that! Love you guys!!

    Condo living has it perks- HOA fees usually means you don’t have to worry about snow removal! Pick a place with a nice pool!!

    • Heather Wu, Heather!!! Many thanks for the nice comments about memories & history here in our house! Right, staying right here in Morris County, NJ!!! Yes, the condos & townhouses have their perks! And we are focusing on those with two car garages, basement, & 3 bedrooms. Thanks so much! Hi Bryan! Phil & Geri too

  7. Wishing you the best of success on the house sale.

    Please let me know if you make any contact changes (esp email).

    Where might you live next? And will I see you both at future reunions? Looking forward to the 100th Rutgers Reunion.



    • Rusty von Schwedler, Rusty!!! Many thanks for the good wishes on the house! Right, any contact info change to you! Email would remain. But you remind me of all the periodicals including RAA & RuAA. We are looking at condos/townhouses in Morris County right here where we are. Ha! The 100th!!! I HAVE wondered about any push to attend future Old Guard Dinners now that I saw all the other tables by Class at our Old Guard Dinner. May this find you in the greatest of form!!! Phil

  8. Finally!………….lol

    • Russel Ray Photos, Russel, The old house went of sale first with a small locale realtor for a three month listing. –Little action. Then we went with Weichert & it sold in 2-3 weeks, January 4. The old electric wiring in 70% of the house turned out to be a small issue to this nice buyer. We settled on a “give back” of $9,000 off the price of the house. But the house market in 2018 turned against sellers. Our house should have sold for $400,000 but we had to go as low as 335,000. Our house inspection…..I did not have to fix anything!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Phil

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