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1968/Two Books

Saying Farewell to 2018…50 Year Anniversary of 1968!…What a year!…Revisited… “1968/Two Books”! Phil

Excuse Us for Living

1 1968

     And Two Books


Philip Fontana

Dedicated to the 50th Reunion

The Class of 1968, Rutgers College, New Brunswick, New Jersey

1 RU

Rutgers University mascot, “The Scarlet Knights”



     Excuse us for living, but while so many of you remember or have heard of that tumultuous year 1968, we the Class of 1968 put our claim on it. It was our year and, with it, all the misery and anguish that went with living through it, well, we put first claim on it all! Now having fluffed our feathers, we realize that so many of our generation shared in the same agonies from the military draft hanging over our heads to serving and dying or being wounded in Vietnam. – – And what about living through the upheaval of those uncertain times politically, socially, culturally, in an atmosphere of increasing anti-war protests!

2 Time 1968

         The first…

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  1. Vietnam was certainly a mess in ’68!!

    • GP Cox, GP!!! It sure was! Our military lives lost jumped by, I think it was, 16,000 to a total of 28,000 by the time Nixon was sworn in, January 20, 1969. And in these books is the history of the days just before the November 1968 election at the end of October, 1968. LBJ called for a complete bombing halt & the South Vietnam government was ready to go to the Paris Peace Talks. Nixon, through an intermediary, committed TREASON signaling the South Vietnam government that they would get a better deal from him once elected. As a result South Vietnam pulls out of their commitment to go to Paris & LBJ’s peace in hand falls apart. Nixon is elected, the South Vietnam government gets no better treatment from Nixon, & 20,000 more military lives are lost between then & the end in 1973, totaling 58,000+ dead. –A mess you are right!!!!!!!!!!! I was there in 1970 as an MP & came home in one piece. That was my goal…the only sense I could make of the whole mess for my personal self & family. Thanks, GP!!! Phil

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