Posted by: philipfontana | May 3, 2012

UK Return

Back from the United Kingdom:

England, Wales, Scotland

April 20-May1


A must backdrop, Big Ben & Parliament

     Excuse us for living, but we’ve been away on a long promised trip to London and the United Kingdom. “Wife Geri” and I are fulfilling 40 year promises to show each other places we traveled to when we were young that the other had not seen, if you follow me. Last year I showed Geri around the Netherlands. This year it was Geri’s turn to show me London and the UK. We had the added novelty of # 2 son, Peter, living and working in London last year and this year, giving us a great sightseeing assist while in London. Then, we were off by bus traveling north up west England to Wales and over to Scotland, as far north as Edinburgh, and back down east England to York and back to London. While in York, we had the added treat of visiting with lifelong friends. They drove down from the Newcastle area where they have been living for the past four years.


Globus Tours, “British Sampler”

     Always the history teacher, I could not help reflecting on this meaningful journey. All my years in the classroom, I emphasized the ethnic melting pot we cherish called America. What this trip brought home to me was our common Anglo Saxon foundation coming from our country’s roots in the United Kingdom. It was all there, what was and will always be the United States of America; culturally, intellectually, spiritually, socially, politically, economically. It was almost sacred to view one of the four remaining copies of the Magna Carta in the British Library in London. –A refreshing reminder of who we are and from where we came.

     Excuse us for rediscovering our past.


“The Victoria,” an old style British Pub at 10 A Strathearn Place & Sussex Place, London. –Fish & Chips “to die for” & great ales to wash it down!


  1. OH how envious we are. We did this trip 17years ago and would love to do it all over again. Wasn’t Wales spectacular? and Grassmere, and York, and Edinburgh and ….. so how about a few more pictures!!! how about a travelogue!!!
    Sara & Dave

    • Sara & Dave, Our 11 days had to pale compared to your 18 or so day tour. YES! Wales, Grassmere, Edinburgh, York, & more! Just beautiful! We did consider an all photo & caption post but thought it too presumptuous. So many people travel & more than our modest trip. –The Stackhouses for example!!!This little travel post was as daring as we thought tasteful. Thanks for such a nice comment! Phil

  2. Phil, What a wonderful trip! Sharon and I are planning the same type of trip for next year. So glad Geri and you had such a great time. Thanks for sharing!

    • Mike, Just absolutely great to hear from you! Best wishes to you & Sharon making similar plans for next year. We used Affordable Tours which offered this Globus Tour called “British Sampler.” And since #2 son Peter is livinig & working in London last year & this, we added 2 extra days to the end. –very reasonable price! That gave us approx 3 1/2 days in London total, starting & ending there. You need that to do justice to London. People on the tour that did not hardly saw London. WE SAW IT ALL! Comparing this bus tour around UK to last year’s Netherlands/Belgium riverboat with bus tour stops, we preferred the riverboat…so much easier than a new hotel almost every night. Exhausted & exhilarated! Thanks for comments! Phil

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